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Applied SBIR: Prime Integration Program

Connect with Army-validated Small Businesses!

About Applied SBIR:

The new Army Applied SBIR program provides ample opportunity to connect prime contractors directly to small businesses with Army-vetted, innovative technologies.


FedTech works with all Applied SBIR awardees to accelerate the transition of their technology from commercial use into military use through various pathways, including through integration with a Prime.

Prime Integration Event:

September 27th, 2021

Topics will include:

  • The impact of the Army’s SBIR programs on the business landscape

  • Current priorities of Army Innovation

  • More information on the connection and partnership process

 To get involved in this new rapid-tech transition ecosystem, and to request an invitation to the program introductory event on September 27, contact FedTech using the form below:

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About U.S. Army SBIR:

The Congressionally mandated Army SBIR Program fosters, encourages, and strengthens the role of small businesses to meet Army research and development needs in the face of great-power competition.

The Army SBIR Program helps businesses overcome the inherent challenges to working in government research and development compared to their larger counterparts. We connect companies with Soldiers and Army technical and subject matter experts to talk shop—whether it’s about the latest tech or the challenges on the battlefield.

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