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Frequently Asked Questions

Homeland Security Startup Studio

Q: What are the potential outcomes for inventors who participate?

A: Upon expressing interest in participation, your IP will be evaluated on its potential to be the foundation for a startup. This involves interviews with FedTech team members on the technology, including technical assessment, market assessment, risk factors, potential use cases, competitive landscape, and impact. If your technology is selected, you will be working with a designated team of entrepreneurs to validate problem-solution fit. 


At the end of the program, if the conditions are optimal for all participants, a company can be created around your technology for commercialization. If the team decided not to pursue any further, a report will be provided with the lessons learned from the entrepreneurs.

Through our programs, inventors are able to expand their professional network, secure additional research funding, and even join the startup if all parties agree.

Q: What are the potential outcomes for my lab if I participate?

A: All participating teams in the Startup Studio conduct extensive interviews and research on the technologies. This research is consolidated to include lessons learned, key findings, market opportunities, and recommendations for each selected technology.


Companies formed around selected technologies may pursue licensing, CRADA, or option agreements with the research organization if the conditions are mutually beneficial, increasing the chance of creating spin-out companies.


On the other hand, the discontinuing teams will provide a report summarizing the findings through the Startup Studio program, which can be utilized to set the directions for further development of the technology.

All lab personnel including tech transfer professionals, lab leadership, inventors are welcome to attend sessions throughout the program.

Q: How much of a time commitment is this program?

A: Participating inventors are expected to contribute ~1 hour per week to their assigned team of entrepreneurs, serving functionally as a technical consultant, on their own schedule. There is a kick-off bootcamp event at the start of the cohort (usually one weekend day) where participation is required for inclusion in the program.


Q: What are the minimum requirements for a technology to be considered for this program?

A: At a minimum, provisional patents should be filed for inclusion in the program. Technologies that are at a TRL 3 or higher with demonstrated prototypes are strongly preferred. Recent inventions (within the last 4 years) are also preferred. Technologies must not be licensed or in an existing CRADA agreement (or in negotiations for either). An exception may be considered if the technology is licensed to another entity for a limited field of use.

Q: How can I get in touch with the Startup Studio team to learn more about having my IP included or getting my lab further involved?

A: We are happy to provide additional information or answer any questions. Please reach out to us at or submit the information of your IP through the button below. 

Homeland Security Startup Studio

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