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FedTech Educates Marymount University about Federal Startup Studios

Updated: Dec 1, 2022

On November 16th, FedTech Senior Analyst, Robert Wines, gave two presentations to Marymount University faculty and students in the Business, Innovation, Leadership and Technology School at the university's Ballston campus. The presentation was one of many Global Entrepreneurship Week 2022 events.

Wines’ presentation, “How to Participate in a Federal Startup Studio,” explained what startup studios are and how to get involved in federally affiliated programs. For inventors and fledgling companies, figuring out how to collaborate with the federal government and/or receive federal R&D funding can be a daunting task. FedTech helps to demystify the process and serves as a launchpad for many entrepreneurs to work with government agencies.

The presentation also touched on FedTech’s unique tech sourcing work, which allows entrepreneurs to focus on building a venture with an already vetted technology. Wines added that each participant is provided with mentorship and workshops to ensure they have the groundwork to build a venture, with an emphasis on customer discovery.

While providing an overview of the basic startup studio components, Wines also provided an opportunity for attendees and members of their network to apply to the Homeland Security Startup Studio, which is accepting applications through January 9, 2023. This startup studio pairs current and aspiring entrepreneurs with a technology developed in a federal or university lab. Teams explore their technology's commercial potential and may ultimately form a new venture. Master's students, post-doctoral students, and/or faculty wishing to explore entrepreneurship are invited to apply.


FedTech aims to build ventures with qualified entrepreneurs or future entrepreneurs from around the nation and the globe. Learn more about FedTech’s startup studios and our collaborations here.


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