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Announcing FedTech's First Annual Deep Tech Innovation Sprint

Updated: May 25, 2022

About this event

FedTech is pleased to announce our first ever Deep Tech Innovation Sprint. This event will bring together leaders from across government, academia, industry and the venture world for a day of idea sharing, concept creation and networking. Participants include tech transfer leaders from government and academia, SBIR program executives and innovation executives from industry.

Following the design sprint model, this session will feature small group moderated sessions focused on identifying barriers to innovation and generating paper prototype collaborative concepts for the future. Expect a fun and intellectually stimulating day of interaction with fellow deep tech luminaries!


9:00am: Opening remarks - Ben Solomon, Founder and Managing Partner, FedTech; Keynote - Ms. Betsy Bluestone, Commercial Discovery Leader, P&G Ventures at Procter & Gamble

9:45am: Track breakouts begin

10:45am: Break

11:00am: Lab to market - Venture Perspectives from FedTech's Portfolio Companies; Moderator: Ms. Robyn Brazzil

11:45am: Networking lunch

1:00pm: Afternoon keynote

1:30pm: Tracks reconvene

2:15pm: Break

2:30pm: Panel Discussion - Venture Engagement Strategies; Major Amanda Rebhi, Director, AFVentures (RGV) AFWERX; Ms. Jenn Gustetic, Director, Early Stage Innovations and Partnerships, NASA

3:15pm: Closing remarks - Ben Solomon, Founder and Managing Partner, FedTech

3:30pm: Networking and happy hour

5:00pm: Event close

Overview of Tracks:

1. Tech transfer, R&D and Commercialization

Moderator: Mr. Ben Solomon, Founder and Managing Partner of FedTech; Dr. Ian Ryu, Sr. Associate, FedTech

Overview: This track will focus on idea creation that maximizes the effectiveness of current tech transfer and transition programs. A chief focus will be on developing pilot concepts that can shrink the time required to move a technology from the bench to a commercial market.

Recommended participants: tech transfer leaders from government and academia; industry technology scouting leaders; venture investors

2. Industry Engagement and Open Innovation

Moderators: Mr. Jake Kramer, Managing Partner, FedTech; Mr. Thom Martin, Director, FedTech; Mr. Will Dickson, Director, FedTech

Overview: This track will discuss how large organizations can better tap into solution providers from the venture and academic community. Specific discussion will include models of open innovation, seed investing and rapid collaboration vehicles.

Recommended participants: SBIR or prize executives within government; corporate venture executives; industry executives

3. Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in Deep Tech:

Moderators: Ms. Robyn Brazzil, Director, FedTech; Ms. Crystal Shamblee, Senior Associate, FedTech

Overview: This track will work to define the barriers to equitable access that have traditionally existed in the R&D, tech transfer and commercialization spaces. A chief focus will be on brainstorming ways organizations can create competitive advantages through more inclusive programming and engagement models.

Recommended participants: DEI leaders and innovation executives from across government, academia and industry at-large


Please contact if you are interested in attending FedTech's First Annual Deep Tech Innovation Sprint!

Who is FedTech?

FedTech lives at the intersection of breakthrough technologies, entrepreneurship, and mission-driven organizations. Our commitment to unlock the benefits of technology for all is made possible via our deep relationships and collaborations that span across DoD, NASA, DoE, NIST, VA, federal labs, research institutions, universities, and corporations. We leverage our access to breakthrough technologies and entrepreneurs to keep our partners ahead of the disruption curve. Through our startup studios, accelerators, internal innovation and corporate venture programs, we work with individuals, companies, and government agencies to stay at the bleeding edge of innovation.


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