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Our Story

​FedTech was born in 2015 after participating in the National Science Foundation’s Innovation Corps (I-Corps) program when we saw an opportunity to commercialize the ~$150B/year in federally funded R&D. We iterated on different concepts to materialize our vision, before landing on the most effective way to move cutting edge technology from the bench to the marketplace: the Startup Studio. 

FedTech has since grown from a regional startup studio to an international company, offering a range of options to serve our different clients. Our impact has expanded significantly since our first Startup Studio in 2015, as we now work with fortune 500 companies, non-profit organizations, and forward-thinking government agencies in a number of capacities, while still remaining true to our mission of unlocking the benefits of technology through entrepreneurially minded people.



To unlock the benefits of technology through entrepreneurially minded people

Our Values






We have the fortitude to forge new paths and push beyond our comfort

We treat our clients, team members and partners as we would like to be treated - we are one united team

We recognize introspection is the necessary ingredient in which self-improvement flourishes

We embrace servant leadership - putting the interests of clients, team partners and partners first

We have a strong bias towards action

Our Work

Helping facilitate tech transfer towards the commercialization of
Deep Tech innovations.

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