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Internal Innovation 

/inˈtərnl ˌinəˈvāSH(ə)n/


Internal innovation refers to the intentional fostering of out-of-the-box thinking within corporate environments.

We design custom solutions to unlock the potential of our clients. Whether it’s through intense short-term workshops or through longer engagements, we use evidence-based methods to push teams out of their comfort zones to develop improved solutions for their organization.



FedTech works with the VAiNet Spark-Seed-Spread Innovation Investment Program to empower VHA employees to design innovative solutions for Veterans in a space outside of the typical workplace. During this intrapreneurial program, the FedTech team educates participants on lean startup methodology, customer discovery, and human centered design.



FedTech works with Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) to shape a more intrapreneurial environment, to provide command and control capabilities and enterprise infrastructure to support joint warfighters and National leaders. FedTech uses lean startup methodologies, allowing the DISA workforce to fail fast and reduce risks through rapid experimentations to deliver customer-focused solutions.


NASA Entrepreneurial Opportunity Program

NASA Entrepreneurial Opportunity Program, built by FedTech, was designed for NASA researchers to maximize the potential of their commercial inventions. We aimed to shrink the gap between the center where the technology is created and the end user. Researchers conducted discovery interviews, built a business plan, and generally focused on the broader ecosystem related to the transition of their technology.


DOD Elevate

Sponsored by the OUSD (R&E) Defense Laboratories Office, Elevate is a training series designed to grow the capability of DoD lab personnel to interact with industry, non-traditional partners and the venture community. The goal is to strengthen the connection between DoD labs and partners to more effectively transition technologies to the warfighter and commercial markets.​

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