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Startup Studios

/ˈstär ˌdəp ˈstü-dē-(ˌ)ō /     


a startup studio builds new ventures from the ground-up; typically by bringing together entrepreneurs, opportunities, resources and tools that enable the creation of a business that's ready to launch

Entrepreneurs (and aspiring entrepreneurs) can apply to any of our startup studios, where they will be paired with a technology developed in a federal or university lab. Over the course of the intense program, entrepreneurs are indoctrinated in the lean startup model, focusing on validating their business models through customer discovery. If the team finds a problem-solution fit and the opportunity is promising, we help launch their venture.


Inland Empire NavalX Tech Bridge's Crucible

Drawing inspiration from the U.S. Marines' 54-hour boot camp challenge, Inland Empire NavalX Tech Bridge's Crucible program fosters grit, critical thinking, and perseverance in entrepreneurial growth across the Inland Empire and Southern California. Crucible bolsters NavalX and Tech Bridge's mission by uniting technology with the region's diverse innovators and promoting tech commercialization.

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Climatetech Studio

Welcome to the Massachusetts Climatetech Studio – the ultimate launchpad for entrepreneurs eager to redefine the climatetech landscape. Here, revolutionary technologies meet ambition, providing an unparalleled opportunity to lead in sustainable innovation, bolstered by extensive resources and the guidance of world-class experts from MassCEC and FedTech.

Homeland Security Startup Studio

The Homeland Security Startup Studio is designed to accelerate and deliver commercial applications of technologies from federal laboratories, research centers, and universities to meet homeland security needs for both commercial or government use cases.

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MSI Connect

Brookhaven Lab's MSI Connect is a summer fellowship for MSI students and alumni to work with DOE lab tech, offering entrepreneurial skills and a chance at $75k in Phase II funding at a New York event.

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DOE Emerging Tech Studio

As energy dependency becomes one of the most significant threats we face, the NNSA and the DOE continue to serve as a catalyst for innovation, investing millions of dollars into national laboratories. Throughout the program teams of highly talented entrepreneurs are paired with technologies on the forefront of innovation with the objective of spinning out market-defining startups.

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NASA's Colorado  Startup Studio

NASA's Colorado Startup Studio matches cutting-edge NASA technologies with teams of entrepreneurs during an intensive 16-week cohort. Entrepreneurs work closely with mentors, coaches, subject matter experts, and NASA to assess the market viability and commercialization potential of the technologies. Successful teams are given the tools to form new companies, license the technologies, and develop solutions that impact the space sector.

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FedTech Startup Studio

After identifying breakthrough tech from federal and university labs, we pair entrepreneurs with a technology that shows promising market potential. Over the course of several months, we walk these teams through the lean startup model, while focusing on the unique aspects of commercializing federally funded technologies. We move fast and validate, pivot, or kill business models.

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Foundry is an NSIN program powered by FedTech. The National Security Innovation Network (NSIN) is a program office within the U.S. Department of Defense that seeks to build networks of innovators that generate new solutions to national security problems.

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