a cohort-based program in which startups are given the resources and education to expedite their growth in a specific market

We partner with organizations to build custom accelerators, where startups deliver solutions to solve our partner’s most pressing needs. We work with the ventures to drive growth and better position themselves in the marketplace.

xTech Accelerator

The xTech Accelerator helps xTechSearch finalists achieve success via mentorship, educational programming, venture building activities, and strategic exposure: to ultimately transition their technologies into the Army and thrive as small businesses. The xTech Accelerator operates nationally, 90% virtually, and open to all technology verticals.

Innovation Crossroads

Oak Ridge National Laboratory Innovation Crossroads helps entrepreneurs create the next generation of clean energy companies. FedTech provides accelerator programming to the breakthrough energy and hard tech companies in the Innovation Crossroads program. This includes one on one mentoring, an entrepreneurial training curriculum, and pitch days.

KIC-FedTech Accelerator

The KIC-FedTech Accelerator, sponsored by the Korean Innovation Center, Washington, DC works to offer Korean technology companies the necessary capabilities to launch their product in the US market.

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