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About the Program

FedTech partnered with Procter & Gamble Ventures to scout emerging technologies, providing deep technical scans and high-potential leads to address business challenges.

Program Overview

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  • Conducted deep tech scans
  • Scouted high-potential leads
  • Provided detailed landscaping reports
  • Identified strategic collaborations
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    A Deeper Dive

    Procter & Gamble Ventures faced the challenge of staying ahead in a rapidly evolving technological landscape. The company needed to continuously identify and integrate emerging technologies to maintain its competitive edge. However, accessing and evaluating high-potential, less public-facing technologies required a specialized approach and extensive network connections.

    FedTech collaborated with Procter & Gamble Ventures to address this need by performing deep technical scans and searches around emerging technologies. Our team worked closely with Procter & Gamble to understand their business and technical requirements. Leveraging our extensive relationships within laboratory systems and venture networks, we scouted for and vetted high-potential leads that aligned with Procter & Gamble's goals. We provided a comprehensive landscaping report detailing the latest activities, potential collaborations, and high-value leads.

    The impact of this engagement was profound. Procter & Gamble Ventures gained access to cutting-edge technologies and valuable insights into emerging trends. The landscaping report enabled the company to identify and pursue strategic collaborations, effectively addressing their technology and business challenges. This partnership ensured that Procter & Gamble remained at the forefront of innovation, driving continued success and growth.


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