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The United States of Opportunity

At FedTech, we are on a mission to unlock the benefits of technology for all. Democratization of technology is in our DNA. As the world of deep tech continues to expand, it brings with it extraordinary opportunities.


The chance for an aspiring entrepreneur to gain financial independence. The springboard for a mission-driven startup to accelerates growth into the realms of science and technology that our minds yet cannot comprehend. The ability to make a positive impact on our planet and beyond – no matter who you are, where you come from, the color of your skin, your creed, or your beliefs.


Technology is for everyone. And our programs are designed to help open doors, deliver resources, and propel you towards your ambitions.

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Support the Pioneeher

FedTech is committed to empowering women who are determined to forge their path as business owners in the field of deep tech.

PioneeHER is a fully customizable Startup Studio program offering designed for women entrepreneurs to give them a platform to launch ventures and chart their course.

With a 360-degree support system built around them, they will have access to an ecosystem of mentors, coaches, subject matter experts, and tech sourcing champions who are driven with the singular mission to increase opportunities for women in the startup space.

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“The Deep Tech revolution is here, and it promises to generate technologies that have the power to create new markets and disrupt existing industries. The watershed of this movement is the democratization of access.


At FedTech, one of our core missions is to bridge the digital divide by linking underrepresented groups and communities to opportunities in technology by giving them the resources to become integral players in this brave new world.”

- Jake Kramer, Managing Partner at FedTech

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We're ListeninG.
We're learning.
We're Taking action.

  • We’re building lasting partnerships with Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) on behalf of the US Army and Army Futures Command to build new opportunities and deliver a robust pipeline of diverse talent. The goal? Simple. To jumpstart future growth of technology-differentiated programs that provide paths to create generational wealth in black communities. Learn more.


  • The Trevor Project is the leading national organization providing crisis intervention and suicide prevention services to LGBTQ young people under 25. This is a program we support and are raising funds throughout this year where every dollar raised will be matched by FedTech. Join Us.

  • We salute the U.S. military and veterans for their service, and we’re proud of members of our team who have served the armed forces. Through the Startup Studios program it has been our honor and privilege to support more than 50 veterans and 7 active duty service members on their journey to spin out deep tech ventures. Discover Startup Studios. 

  • As we grow as a company, our focus is on hiring talent from diverse backgrounds, skills, and experiences. Our team reflects the diaspora of the American experience. We are committed to nurturing a culture of inclusivity and diversity. Our mission is to bring in even more talent from traditionally underrepresented groups in technology. Meet our team.


Fireside Chat

Gain insight into the entrepreneur's path to success with an exclusive one-on-one with SMART Tire's CTO, Brian Yennie.

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Success Stories

Discover other success stories that have emerged from FedTech's Startup Studios in the deep tech space.

Your turn to transform the world. 

FedTech is committed to creating an equitable platform that helps entrepreneurs gain access to deep tech. 

Our Startup Studios are designed with that mission in mind. We pair entrepreneurs with bleeding-edge technology sourced from federal, national, and university labs that show viable market potential.


And then coach, mentor, and guide you towards creating a market-ready product or service that will set you up for success on your entrepreneurial journey.


Ready to get started?

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