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FedTech Startup Studio

The FedTech Startup Studio was built on the notion that incredible technology is created in our federal labs, universities and corporations and most of it never has a chance to make it to customers, whether they are government or commercial. We also believe that entrepreneurship is a skill and experience that is desired but many individuals are constrained by their personal, professional or mental barriers.

The FedTech Startup Studio solves both of these problems by finding hidden technological gems in organizations across the US and pairing them with people who are employed full-time but would like to start a new venture and experience entrepreneurship in a low-risk environment.

Once a team is formed around cutting-edge technology, entrepreneurs will interview customers and develop a path to market. Over several weeks, entrepreneurs work with other successful entrepreneurs, partners, investors, mentors, and instructors every step of the way.

The program concludes with “Pitch Day,” where teams present the results of their hard work to the startup community. Afterwards, teams are invited to continue on their journey and build their own venture.

Startup Studio Process



Interested in becoming an entrepreneur through our flagship Startup Studio? Whether you are brand new to the venture world or have launched your own startup in the past the Startup Studio can prove to be an invaluable experience and possibly the first step in launching your own venture. Start your journey and apply now!

Soldering circuit board

Inventors & Labs

Our startup studio could be the perfect opportunity to get your technology from the laboratory to the market. If you are interested in having your technology validated apply now!


Whether it’s as a mentor to our entrepreneurs, an advisor, or a sponsor, there are a number of opportunities to play a role in the Startup Studio. Please introduce yourself if you want to get involved!

Business Meeting


Do you have a wealth of knowledge in the venture, technical, or defense world and want to pass that onto those just going through the process now? Consider becoming a mentor!

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