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What is the DOE Studio?

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Define the Future of Health Security & Advanced Manufacturing Technology

FedTech is excited to invite you to apply to the FedTech Startup Studio 2022. Learn how to launch a technology focused venture by leveraging the extensive portfolio of intellectual property across the Federal and University laboratory networks.

Program Dates: November 2022 to April 2023

Applications Close on October 16, 2022

Call To Entrepreneurs

If you are passionate about entrepreneurship, innovation, and deep technology, you’re encouraged to explore the possibilities of launching your own tech-focused venture.

Call To Inventors

Are you ready to actualize the positive impact potential of your research? Through the program you’ll discover a path to commercialization for your technology, and receive deeper insights into your research.

Interested in joining the cohort as an inventor and entrepreneur?

Submit an inventor application AND an entrepreneur application.

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Program Focus Areas

Simpler, Safer Lung Support for Severe ARDS Patients

Pathogen Agnostic NGS-based Diagnostic Technologies

Digital Health Tools for Pandemic Preparedness

Advanced Manufacturing

Lab at Home

Host based-Tx focused on ARDS mitigation

Diagnostics for Infection Severity/Clinical Management

Watch the Program Launch Event



(One Day Event - Saturday)

Before diving into the program; experience a weekend of orientation to learn about the program, understand your technology, and explore team formation with your coaches, mentors, and inventors


Phase I Workshops

(Two Months)

The goal of this phase is to validate problem-solution fit. Teams delve into possible use cases and generate a market assessment through stakeholder interviews.


Phase II Workshops

(Two Months)

The goal of this phase is to form a company and begin the process of establishing a formal relationship through licensing agreements.



(One Day Event)

A culmination of the FedTech Startup Studio featuring keynote speeches, finalist pitches, networking and non-cash prizes for the top teams.

Pathway to Commercialization

Interested in Learning More?

Explore the different elements of the FedTech Startup Studio 2022 program.

Hear from Our Alumni


We were excited to have the opportunity to evaluate the commercial potential of some of the most innovative technologies in America. Through our participation in the FedTech Startup Studio program, we were able to identify a niche market, and incorporate a company to begin the commercialization process of a patented technology.

Marc Tiegel, CFO at BioVind

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