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FedTech, in partnership with the National Security Innovation Network (NSIN), is recruiting entrepreneurs to explore launching a new venture through the NSIN Foundry 2023 program.

The NSIN Foundry program matches cutting-edge Department of Defense (DoD) technologies with teams of entrepreneurs during intensive, five-month cohorts. Entrepreneurs work closely with lab inventors, mentors, coaches, subject matter experts, and DoD end-users to assess the market viability and commercialization potential of the technologies. Successful teams form new companies, license the technologies, and develop solutions that impact the DoD and the private sector.

NSIN is a government program office within the Office of the Secretary of Defense for Research and Engineering (OSD(R&E)) that collaborates with major universities and the venture community to develop solutions that drive national security innovation. NSIN operates two portfolios of programs and services: Talent and Venture. Together, these portfolios form a pipeline of activities and solutions that accelerate the pace of defense innovation.

FedTech is a primary delivery partner for the NSIN Foundry 2023 program.

Applications for NSIN Foundry 2023 are closed.

Registrations are open for the NSIN Foundry and Forge Showcase Day!
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$50k in cash prizes available

This year, NSIN Foundry will award up to $50,000 in non-dilutive cash prizes to the teams that demonstrate the strongest potential to commercialize DoD technology and produce capabilities that benefit the DoD and the private sector. We will recognize the top-performing teams during our Cohort Showcase at the end of the program by granting a total of six prizes at the finale.  The prize breakdown is as follows:


First Place:



Second Place:



Third-Sixth Place:

$5,000 (each)

Additionally, all startups created through Foundry are welcome to apply to additional NSIN programs. 

How It Works

First, Foundry identifies cutting-edge DoD lab technologies. Along with vetting each technology that we bring into the program, we also recruit aspiring and experienced entrepreneurs who are matched together in teams of three. Entrepreneur teams are then paired with DoD lab technologies based on their preferences and expertise. Teams are then provided instruction and mentorship during a five-month cohort during which they assess the commercialization potential of the technologies. Successful teams form companies and license DoD technologies, and the NSIN network helps these startups pursue new opportunities.

Since this program is geared towards building a startup from the ground up, existing startups or founders who want to execute a specific idea are better suited for FedTech Accelerators or other NSIN opportunities.

The Application Process



"The Foundry program equipped me to pursue a completely new opportunity: entrepreneurship….We officially organized as a company after the showcase and are currently pursuing development funding to bring our product to the market."


Sara Myers 

Entrepreneur Participant,

Co-Founder of ELVEE,

DIA '21 Showcase Day 1st Place Winner

"I was looking for direct entrepreneurship experience and got exactly that and more. I could not have dreamed for a better opportunity."

James Feldhacker

Entrepreneur Participant,

Co-Founder of PXR Technologies


"[Foundry] was transformative for me - I often dreamed of becoming an entrepreneur, but didn't know how or where to get started…Before [Foundry], I knew next to nothing about deep tech, IP licensing, or how to actually build a startup. The program is an invaluable opportunity to learn and grow..."


Karlin Younger

Entrepreneur Participant,

Co-Founder of Fireflyht


Interested in starting a high-tech company to solve the real-world problems of the Department of Defense and other commercial customers?


Do you have a wealth of knowledge in the venture, technical, or defense world and want to pass that onto those just going through the process now? Consider becoming a mentor!

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