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Veteran Affairs (VA) iNet

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About the Program

We transformed VHA employee ideas into impactful Veteran-centric solutions through hands-on training and monthly webinars, fostering innovation and rapid development.


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  • Transformed ideas into Veteran solutions
  • Delivered hands-on training sessions
  • Hosted monthly innovation webinars
  • Fostered rapid development and innovation
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A Deeper Dive

The Veterans Health Administration Innovators Network’s (VAiNet) faced the challenge of empowering its employees to develop Veteran-centric solutions efficiently. The primary issue was the need for a structured yet flexible framework that allowed employees to innovate rapidly without significant risk. The existing processes were not conducive to the fast-paced development of new ideas, often leading to delays in identifying and implementing effective solutions for Veterans' health needs.

FedTech addressed this challenge by providing an in-depth, hands-on training program during the Spark-Seed-Spread Innovation Accelerator Bootcamp. This training was focused on lean startup methods, customer discovery, and human-centered design principles. Additionally, FedTech conducted monthly webinars to reinforce these concepts, ensuring continuous learning and support for the VHA employees. By partnering with agencies like NASA and the Department of Defense, FedTech leveraged its extensive experience to create a robust intrapreneurial environment within the VHA.

The outcome of this initiative was significant. FedTech successfully transformed VHA employee ideas into tangible, impactful solutions for Veterans. The structured yet flexible approach fostered rapid development and innovation, enabling employees to quickly test and refine their concepts. As a result, the VHA saw a marked improvement in the speed and effectiveness of bringing Veteran-centric solutions to life, ultimately bettering the health and well-being of Veterans.


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