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Recapping Converge 2023 — The Final Pitch Event for the Homeland Security Startup Studio

On July 10, 2023, the latest Homeland Security Startup Studio cohort celebrated the program’s newly-launched companies at the Converge 2023 — the culminating pitch event. Live at the NRECA Event Center and streaming online, attendees learned about the alumni companies whose technologies ranged from X-ray imaging devices to communications tech for first responders.

In partnership with the Department of Homeland Security Science & Technology Directorate, Converge 2023 showcased the crucial technology startups that are leaving an impact on homeland security.

The event featured Jen Easterly, Director of the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), as the keynote speaker kicking off the pitches.

“...While today represents the end of this year’s program, it’s really only the start of the incredible impact that you will all have for our country and the incredibly important mission of defending our homeland,” — Jen Easterly, CISA.

Meet the Teams

The pitching teams presenting their technologies to the world for the first time included:

  • Full Spectrum Imaging - an attachment used with any X-ray or Computed Tomography (CT) system enabling full color (energy spectrum) pictures

  • Meld Micro - a microchip design for manufacturers to experience faster data logging, enhanced detection capabilities, improved security, and decreased energy costs for both current and future IoT, monitoring, remote battery-powered devices, and more

  • TRUSTn - an AI chatbot developed for Suspicious Activity Reporting (SAR) to empower concerned citizens, and provide law enforcement with concise, objective, and pertinent threat information

  • HAADS - a technology that makes “high-level” disinfection possible outside of hospital settings, in a form factor that is fast, portable, scalable, and environmentally friendly

  • Altalytics - a social media analytics tool that gives users a first-in-kind ability to leverage predictive, multimodal analysis to inform influence-based social media campaigns

  • Resilient Technology - a software utility that increases communication resilience through intelligent channel switching and route optimization

  • NAS LIION - an energy technology that uses a colorimetric indicator to detect electrolyte leakage from Lithium-Ion batteries

  • Prosight AI - a vitals-via-video technology that remotely captures heart rate and respiratory rate by taking a video of a person’s face and analyzing subtle changes in their skin color

NAS LIION won the Judges' Choice Award, along with Full Spectrum Imaging, which won the Audience Choice Award.

"I have grown tremendously. This has been the most fabulous, well-put-together experience, and I look forward to the journey... Hopefully, when we look back, we will all be looking at each other, going, 'Wow, we started here,'" — Dr. Sharon Simmons, NAS LIION.

FedTech extends our appreciation to our program partners, the Department of Homeland Security Science & Technology Directorate! We would also like to thank the participating laboratories for contributing their technologies to this program: MIT Lincoln Lab, University Hospitals, MITRE. Brookhaven National Lab, Aerospace Corporation, University of Maryland, Transportation Security Laboratory, and University of Nebraska (NCITE).

The FedTech team would also like to congratulate the program participants! We are looking forward to watching you grow.

“To today’s participating innovators, we appreciate your experience, your varied backgrounds, your expertise, your imagination. You’re truly leading the way for innovative thought and real-world solutions in the homeland security space.” — Jen Easterly, CISA

Watch the Converge 2023 Recording


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