May 28, 2024
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FedTech Employees Give Back to the Community at Annual Volunteer Day

On July 14, 2023, FedTech hosted its first annual Volunteer Day. Aiming to strengthen relationships and drive positive impact, the event provided employees with the opportunity to volunteer at local organizations.  

FedTech Founder and Managing Partner, Ben Solomon, addressed employees at the event kickoff, outlining his vision for an impactful day of service.

“We feel very fortunate to be able to give back to the community,” Solomon said. “This is a great way for us to extend our impact as individuals and as a company.”

Strengthening Internal Relationships

Team members flew in from across the country to attend Volunteer Day. Team-building activities were interspersed throughout the week leading up to the event, giving employees the opportunity to connect in person.

“As part of the Texas team, I was thrilled to have the opportunity to head to HQ and meet with my colleagues in-person. What made the experience extra special was not only connecting with the team, but having the whole FedTech crew give back to the community,” said Stephanie Bobak, Chief of Staff of Programs. “Despite where any of us are geographically or career-wise, all of us at FedTech are dedicated to leaving a positive impact. Our volunteer day continued to solidify our commitment to togetherness and camaraderie.”

Pictured: FedTech employees enjoy a company-wide barbeque following Volunteer Day.

The all-day event began at FedTech headquarters, where team members enjoyed a breakfast prior to starting their volunteer shifts. They then split up to go to their respective sites, reconvening for a team-wide lunch in the afternoon. Following the end of Volunteer Day, a company-wide barbeque offered more opportunities to strengthen interpersonal relationships.

Meet FedTech’s 2023 Volunteer Day Partners

Lost Dog and Cat Rescue Foundation - Lost Dog and Cat Rescue is based in Arlington, VA. Founded in 2001, their mission is to “help homeless pets find their way to homes through rescue and adoption.” Volunteers at this site performed a variety of activities including dog walking, cleaning and overseeing the cat room, and organizing food.  

Pictured: Director Mike Bynum on a walk at Lost Dog and Cat Rescue.


East Potomac Golf Links - Volunteers at this site assisted with trash pickup at the East Potomac golf course, in partnership with the National Links Trust. Through their mission, “promoting and protecting affordable, accessible, and engaging architecture at municipal golf courses around the country,” National Links helps to expand golf course access to everyone.

Pictured: The National Links volunteer group.

DC Central Kitchen - DC Central Kitchen “combats hunger and poverty through job training and job creation.” Their programs include serving fresh meals to the community and delivering produce to local stores. Volunteers at DC Central Kitchen performed weekly meal prep and assisted with washing and chopping fresh vegetables.      

Pictured: Team members prepared fresh meals at DC Central Kitchen.

FedTech extends our appreciation to our Volunteer Day partners and looks forward to continuing to support them in the future!

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