April 19, 2023
5 min

FedTech Startup Studio, in Partnership with BARDA and NIST | Venture Showcase Recap

On April 19, 2023, FedTech held the FedTech Startup Studio | Venture Showcase where cohort teams pitched their exciting new technology startup across a range of verticals, from medical to advanced manufacturing technologies.

In partnership with the Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority - Division of Research, Innovation, and Ventures (BARDA DRIVe) and the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), the FedTech Startup Studio showcased the rising class of Deep Technology startups and innovators with opening remarks from Ashim Subedee, Director of the Catalyst Office at BARDA DRIVe.

Entrepreneurs formed teams of three over the course of the program to develop go-to-market plans with their paired technologies from federal and university labs. Through their hard work and coaching, the participating teams have exited the program with a realized startup.

Meet the Teams

The startup teams who pitched their new companies at the FedTech Startup Studio | Venture Summit included:

  • Biomembretics - a 3D, microfluidic membrane that uses networks of channels with micron-scale dimensions and angled branching patterns to replicate the blood path through the tiny blood vessels of the human lung
  • InflammaSense - a wearable neural sensor patch that can predict a sepsis risk
  • NESTAL Biosciences - a smart device with e-stim that accelerates healing of chronic wounds, with a transparent cover, allowing visual checks without removal and temperature sensors for remote monitoring of the wound
  • Lumos Nano Labs - an optofluidic flowmeter to accurately measure flow within 5% accuracy down to 10 nL/min
  • Halexe Inc. - an artificial membrane lung system with an air pump, CO2 sensor, and an automated feedback controller to automatically control patient blood CO2 levels

Halaxe Inc. won the Judges’ Choice award, earning them $1,500 of coaching services to continue building and improving their companies.

FedTech extends our appreciation to our program partners, BARDA DRIVe and NIST! We would also like to thank the participating laboratories for contributing their technologies to this program: Columbia University, UC San Diego, University of Central Florida, University of Maryland, University of Michigan, and Veterans Affairs.

FedTech would also like to congratulate the program participants! We are looking forward to seeing your continued growth!

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