May 29, 2024
2 min

The World is Evolving and So is FedTech

Our Inspiration

"We live to build a better world by accelerating tomorrow's technology today." These are words from our founder, Ben Solomon, that drive our BUILD values.

Boldness: Deep Tech is also called Tough Tech. And we forge the path forward with our partners not because it is easy but precisely because it is hard.

Unity: We partner with our clients and the deep tech ecosystem to provide equal and inclusive access to government and university-sourced technologies for entrepreneurs, startups, and enterprise business.

Introspection: Steady growth only comes with continuous self-reflection. We strive to be better today than we were yesterday – as a team, for our partners, and our communities.

Leadership: Our teams always look to the future and push the envelope to be pioneers in our fields and jobs. We embrace servant leadership and always put the interest of partners and clients before ourselves.

Decisiveness: We are action-oriented. It helps us enable and empower our partners to commercialize deep technologies into the market – fast.

Our Identity

We look different. And that's by design.

This new visual expression of our brand is a signal that FedTech is entering a new bold era, where our legacy drives our future, where deep tech ≡ access, where the drive to build powers everything we do.

Futuristic. Confident. Equity of access.

The triple bar is used as a symbol of equivalence. It resonates with our mission of democratizing technology and bringing equity of access to everyone.

The triple bar is represented in the first "E" in FedTech and is a nod to entrepreneurs and their indomitable spirit.

Each bar on the E also represents the technology movement between the research labs, the FedTech innovation platform, and the business community – all with the singular mission to accelerate tomorrow's technologies today.

Our new logo is crafted with symmetry, balance, and proportion. When you see FedTech in the physical and digital world, our brand identity will highlight how our ecosystem is connected, driven by partnerships, and how one innovation seamlessly leads to another.

So with that, it is all-systems-go in this new deep tech era. Are you ready to take your own moonshot on this new journey with us? Buckle up.

Welcome to the new FedTech.

Welcome to the future.

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