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Technical and Business Assistance

Innovative business growth consulting to help you commercialize your startup.

Army SBIR Awardees

FedTech is the Army’s preferred TABA vendor.

General Awardees

Many SBIR granting agencies allow proposers and awardees to select their own TABA vendor.

Private Companies

We are the accelerator of choice for deep technology start-ups. 

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What is TABA?

As the thought leader in the deep technology ecosystem, FedTech has developed a discrete suite of consulting services for the early stage community. For the SBIR community, these services represent technical and business assistance (TABA). For the general start-up community, these services represent the critical skills necessary to thrive in today’s rapidly changing marketplace.

How Does the TABA Process Work at FedTech?

We are focused on providing impactful consulting with an efficient user experience.

Step 1
Engagement Design 

1. Welcome
2. Discovery
3. Maturity Assessment
4. Statement of Understanding
5. Statement of Work

Step 2

1. Execution
2. Refinement
3. Lessons Learned

Step 3

1. Maturity Assessment
2. Final Report

Our Services

FedTech offers the following services for TABA recipients:

Federal Regulations

  • DoD Regulatory Assessment

  • Cybersecurity Assessment

  • Dual-Use Venture Regulatory Assessment

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