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We aim to collaborate with you to accelerate the development and impact of your technology across various mission applications. Whether you are nurturing an early-stage prototype in a lab or operating a growth-stage small business, we're eager to learn about your disruptive technology!

Have questions about our tech scouting program? Email us at

What are we looking for?

Radar system

Advanced RF Systems

Computer Processor

Advanced Edge

Video Camera Lens

Electro-Optical / Infra-Red

Periodic Table

Material Science for Advanced Sensing


Quantum Sensing

Digital Network


Seeking Applications Flyer.png

Does this sound like your technology?

What are the benefits to applying?

  • Potential collaboration with a major aerospace and defense contractor

  • May include R&D funding, transition partner opportunities, and feedback

Pathway to Partnership


Interested companies with disruptive technologies submit an application.


If chosen, companies will hear from FedTech to discuss moving forward.


FedTech may set up a meeting with selected companies and the defense prime to discuss collaboration opportunities.

Submit Your Company Using Our Scouting Portal

Image by Eduardo Buscariolli


If you're looking to scale your startup with the help of FedTech and potential collaboration with a major aerospace and defense contractor, submit your company to our application.

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