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VA iNet

The Veterans Health Administration Innovators Network’s (VAiNet) Spark-Seed-Spread Innovation Investment Program offers VHA employees the opportunity to design and test Veteran-centric solutions. This model allows employees to “start small, fail small.” The process of rapid innovation allows the VHA to identify and accelerate employee innovations that would better the health of Veterans. As part of the programming, FedTech offers in-person training and monthly webinars to the investees.

Having partnered with agencies like NASA and the Department of Defense, we have the necessary experience to foster an intrapreneurial environment within the VHA. During the program, we offer a hands-on, experiential learning course, focused on lean startup methods, customer discovery, and the integration of human-centered design. After the in in-person training during their kickoff Spark-Seed-Spread Innovation Accelerator Bootcamp, FedTech drives these innovative principles, among others forward, with monthly webinars for the investees. Our programming allows VHA employees to turn their ideas into tangible products and services.

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