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The ultimate goal of the xTech Accelerator is to build the Army into the business model of a promising non-traditional industry partner. This is done through the five pillars of the xTech Accelerator: educational programming, diverse mentorship, venture building consulting, strategic exposure, and community building.

Through the xTech Accelerator, finalists will join a cohort built on the foundation of accelerating breakthrough technologies into mission driven organizations. Finalists will get access to 20+ custom educational experiences built around the Army as a partner; diverse mentorship hand-picked by the Accelerator leadership; invite-only exposure events to the greater US ecosystem surrounding DoD-focused startups; and high-touch consulting by FedTech experts on business tactics and strategic messaging.

All xTechSearch semi-finalists and finalists will be invited to join the virtual xTech Community, operated by FedTech. This private community of defense innovators, mentors, DoD leaders, and FedTech advisors brings together continuous resources for xTechSearch finalists; it becomes a focused lens to tap into and give back to throughout the growth cycles of a small business.

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Get Involved


The xTech Accelerator Mentor role consists of joining a multi-mentor team for the duration of the Accelerator. Mentors provide business strategy diverse perspective on all decisions when a CEO makes when rapidly growing a company.


The xTech Technical Advisor role consists of providing technical guidance for xTech companies throughout the course of the Accelerator. xTech Technical Advisors have advanced technical degrees and/or 15+ years of experience in a particular field.


Interested in joining the xTech community as a strategic partner, investor, or other contributor? There are many different ways to get involved, so connect with us today!

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