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Corporate Venture

/ˈkôrp(ə)rət, ˈven(t)SHər/


Corporate Venture is about setting up structural collaborations with external ventures or parties to drive mutual growth. These external ventures are startups or scaleup companies that have found product/market fit that come from outside the organization.

We work with our corporate partners to deeply understand their needs, then we collect, synthesize, and analyze data on emerging tech from our differentiated pipeline. After evaluating the data based on partner fit, market assessment and competitive analysis we present the technologies to our client and make recommendations for next steps.


Featured Partner

Procter & Gamble Ventures has partnered with FedTech in order to gain access to emerging breakthrough technologies. The FedTech team works hand-in-hand with the Procter & Gamble Ventures team and leverages its network to find technologies that best fit these interests.

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