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U.S. Representative Don Beyer to Deliver Keynote at FedTech Frontier Venture Summit.

U.S. Representative Don Beyer from Virginia's 8th District
Keynote Speaker: U.S. Representative Don Beyer from Virginia's 8th District

We are honored to host U.S. Representative Don Beyer from Virginia's 8th District as the keynote speaker for the Frontier Venture Summit. You'll have the opportunity to gain insight into what a national leader sees on the horizon, including the future of innovation, and how entrepreneurial opportunities and avenues for economic growth abound in the deep tech space.

You'll also discover teams of entrepreneurs and technologists as they pitch their ventures to a panel of experts. Through our partnerships with the Department of Energy (DoE), the National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA), the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and Northeastern University (NU), you'll discover how these lab technologies are on the path to commercialization to solve real world problems.

The FedTech Frontier Venture Summit is the culmination of our partnerships with innovators and inventors through the federal ecosystem and research labs and presents a forum for the rest of the community to come together to learn, network, and celebrate.

Grab this opportunity and you'll also discover how to be a successful technology entrepreneur from a panel of experts. And dnd the year strong as you build your ambitions for 2022.

Rising above challenges starts here

Already, 2021 is proving to be a highly transformative year that promises to have far-reaching effects. By attending this virtual event, you’ll be better prepared to successfully overcome any obstacles that emerge whether you are on a path to launching your venture or are scaling to deliver more value to your partners and customers.

Best of all, the events are all free. Don’t miss your chance to take a deep dive into deep tech and beyond to explore exciting, new ways to move your aspirations and your business forward.

Learn more about at FedTech and discover how we are the innovation platform driving the deep tech revolution at:

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