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What is the DOE Studio?

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Where Energy Innovations Thrive 

The National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) and U.S. Department of Energy Office (DOE) of Technology Transitions (OTT) in partnership with FedTech run the DOE Emerging Tech Startup Studio. As energy dependency becomes one of the most significant threats we face, the NNSA and the DOE continue to serve as a catalyst for innovation, investing millions of dollars into national laboratories. Throughout the program, teams of highly talented entrepreneurs are paired with technologies on the forefront of innovation with the objective of commercializing market-defining startups.

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Register for the DOE Emerging Tech Studio | Venture Summit!

Attend virtually via Zoom
Thursday, August 17 | 3:00 pm EDT

FedTech, in partnership with the National Nuclear Security Administration and the Department of Energy, invites you to attend the DOE Emerging Tech Studio | Venture Summit – the final pitch event for the DOE Emerging Tech Studio!

Join us virtually and explore the innovative new startups, connect with the aspiring group of entrepreneurs, and immerse yourself in the world of energy technology!

Pitching Company Verticals

Nuclear power station

Nuclear Detection

Pharmacist Checking Medicine

Fentanyl Detection

Cogs in the Machine

Heat Exchange

MRI Scans


3D Manufacturing Printer

3D Print Concrete

Plastic Bottles

Plastics Recycling

Join us Virtually

Ignite New Possibilities

Call To Entrepreneurs:

If you are passionate about entrepreneurship, innovation, and deep technology, you’re encouraged to explore the possibilities of launching your own tech-focused venture. 

Call To Mentors:

Do you have a wealth of knowledge in the venture, technical, or energy and want to pass that onto those just going through the process now? Consider becoming a mentor!

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