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Startup Studios 

Entrepreneurs (and aspiring entrepreneurs) can apply to any of our startup studios, where they will be paired with a technology developed in a federal or university lab. Over the course of the intense program, entrepreneurs are indoctrinated in the lean startup model, focusing on validating their business models through customer discovery. If the team finds a problem-solution fit and the opportunity is promising, we help launch their venture.

Find Your Program

Startup Studios
Internal Innovation
Corporate Venture
Who is it for?
Entrepreneurs (or aspiring ones)
R&D/Engineering/Innovation teams
Corporate venture and innovation teams
What You Should Expect
To start a new new venture (ideally)
To bring your venture to the next level
To learn and incorporate intrapreneurial and innovative practices
To access cutting edge technologies and strategic guidance
Teams are paired with a breakthrough technology
Ventures should have a technology solution that solves a sponsor's problem
Technology and participants are sourced from your organization
Our unique pipeline is built on relationships within federal and university labs and our network of emerging-tech startups
Duration of the Program
Ranges from 8 and 24 weeks
Ranges from 3-6 months
Half-day sessions to multi-year programs
Contact us for details
Recommended Hours for Participants
Entrepreneurs: ~15-20 hours per week Inventors: ~30 mins per week
Ranges from 5 to 40 hours per week
Ranges from ~2 to 10 hours per week
Funding to Participants
Ranges from none to up to $50k. However, we help companies win federal and state grants and prepare them for pitches to our network of investors
Ranges from $5k to $250k
Equity Take
None, the company is 100% owned by participants.
No equity taken
Contact us for details
Fee for Participants
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